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Grace Vs Spiritual Evolution

January 7, 2022

Currently we are being told that we can get to the Higher Levels to reach Spiritual Perfection, if we diligently follow the Laws of Evolution.

In other words, if you attend Meditation Rituals everyday you may take a step up to a Higher Spiritual Level, provided that you don’t mess up and make mistakes.

Whereas the Grace of Jesus opens our hearts to the Highest Spiritual Level immediately without any effort on our part, because it is a Gift from God.

With Grace there is no need to attain any Higher Level, because God has already placed you there in Christ Jesus.

So the desire to work towards attaining a Higher Level by scoring extra metaphysical points is a gigantic delusion.

According to the Apostle Paul’s Letter to the Ephesian Church in Turkey, By Grace we are seated with Jesus Christ in the Heavenly Realm.

We are elevated to this Seated position in the Highest Place because of the work of our Lord Jesus Christ, and not by our works or deeds or fanatical devotion to Prayer Beads or Incense.

We cannot open the paths to the Higher Levels, because Jesus has already opened the Doorway through his Death and Resurrection.

As soon as you Believe in Jesus Christ, you are seated with Christ.

If we say to God that the Sacrifice of his Son Jesus Christ was not adequate, and that we want to evolve through our own efforts, we will never arrive.




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Craig Holme 2022/2023/2024/2025/2026

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