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How to Receive the Holy Spirit

January 3, 2022

Paul continues with his discourse in his Letter to the Galatians in Turkey,

Galatians 3:2,3 ESV “Let me ask you only this:”

If a lawyer in a court were to say ‘I only want to ask you this’, it would mean that that the proposed question was pivotal in the whole situation. I

t would also mean that answer would determine the direction of the following proceedings.

Paul asks, “Did you Receive the Spirit by Works of the Law or by hearing with Faith?”

Paraphrased, “Did you Receive the Holy Spirit by Playing Religious Ritual Games or by hearing with Faith?”

Notice that Paul is asking Believers, “Did you Receive the Spirit?”

Paul did not say, ‘You have already Received the fullness of the Spirit when you were Born Again, so there is no use in having Faith to be Spirit Filled’

What Paul did make very clear was that every Believer need to Receive the Fullness of the Holy Spirit by Faith.

Paul wanted to make this question the Game Changer for the Turkish Believers, and this question cuts through a lot of Religious Ritual Games for Believers today.

‘Did you Receive the Spirit by Religious Ritual Games?’

Paul is hammering home the point here that you cannot Receive the Spirit by lighting 5 candles, reciting endless meaningless meditations for three hours, offering 7 sticks of incense to idols, or any other Game designed to impress the Deity.

You will not score points in Heaven or Nirvana by participating in the Ritual Olympics.

Yet the majority of Religious people are caught up in this Losing Game in some form or another.

Why? ‘By Hearing with Faith’ is regarded with disdain, because the Ego cannot take any credit for the Grace of Jesus.

Our Ego’s want to earn Salvation, not be given it freely by the Grace of Jesus.

Our Ego’s want to point the finger of accusation at Grace Teaching by saying,’You are making things seem to easy, and without our Rituals you are giving people an excuse to Sin’.

Our Egos want to create logical reasons for not Receiving the Holy Spirit by saying, ‘Being Spirit Filled has passed away with the Apostles’

If this was the case then why didn’t Paul say,”Hurry , being Spirit Filled is a limited time offer, God will withdraw the offer soon so you had better get in fast’.

You can Receive the Holy Spirit by Hearing with Faith today just as you could with the early Church.

You can also reject the Holy Spirit today by refusing to give up egotistical Ritualism.

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Craig Holme 2022/2023/2024/2025/2026

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