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How to Beat Religious Mind Games

January 2, 2022

Very few Believers are aware that the Book of Galatians is actually Paul’s explanation of God’s Gameplan to Beat Religious Games.

Religious Games are the Number One Enemy of all Believers, and it is extremely important to understand What God’s Gameplan for Victory is through Grace.

You are NOT going to be able to Win the Game of Life through the ‘Seven Disciplines to achieve Spiritual Nirvana’, no matter how many hours you spend in Meditation Classes.

Paul establishes God’s Winning Gameplan right from the outset in his Letter to the Galatian Believers in Turkey, Galatian 1:3 AMP , “Grace to you and Peace, inner calm and spiritual well being, from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ”

From the outset, we can see that Paul is very clearly established that Grace is the Key to inner peace and calm instantly. This clarifies that inner peace is not the reward of hours of meditation, or for dutifully following Rituals to the exact formula. As soon as we open our hearts to the Grace of Jesus, we are filled with peace and love unconditionally.

We cannot earn the right to receive Grace.

We can frustrate or nullify Grace if we get caught up in believing the Rules of Religious Games, instead of simply believing in Jesus Christ.

It doesn’t matter how many Rituals we perform, we will not be able to escape the condemnation that comes from Sin Consciousness.

If you light 5 Candles and offer 6 Sticks of Incense, your Inner Critic will tell you it wasn’t enough and you should have offered more to the intermediaries because maybe they’re not listening because of all your faults.

Paul reveals this to the Turkish Believers, ” By observing the Law, no one will ever be Justified, declared free of the Guilt of Sin and its penalty”.

Paraphrased, “By Playing Religious Meditation Games, nobody will ever be able to free themselves from Guilt and from the penalty of Sin”

Someone said, ‘Yes but my PC Agnostic Theological Lecturer said there is no such thing as Sin, it’s just a concept created by CRT Culture to oppress people, so we don’t need to feel Guilty about anything.’

So why is the PC advocate spending every second weekend at Inner Peace Retreats to try to control his anger problem, but nevertheless cannot overcome his outbreaks of rage and hysteria towards his wife when she questions whether he may be wrong and going off track, no matter how much drugs and potent vodka he consumes?

Someone else parrots another Professor of Religious Game Theory, ‘My Prof says that Grace Teachers are just giving people an excuse to Sin’

To which Paul responds to the Turkish Believers, Galatians 2:17 AMP, “But if while we seek to be Justified in Christ by Faith, we ourselves are found to be Sinners, does that make Christ an advocate or promoter of our Sin?”

Paraphrased, “If one of us were to mess up and Sin, by getting smashed at a BBQ and taking off with someone else’s wife, does that mean it’s the fault of the Grace of Jesus? Those Playing Religious Mind Games are doing this kind of thing regularly anyway, that’s why they’re accusing us of making mistakes”.

Yielding to the Grace of Jesus does not mean that we will never make mistakes, but it does mean that we are free of the compulsion to Sin at every opportunity.

Religious Mind Game players find it difficult to admit that they have secret addictions to porn and drugs or alcohol, so they cannot admit their need for the Grace of Jesus.

Would you like your heart to be filled with Grace and Peace by the Grace of Jesus Christ?

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Craig Holme 2022/2023/2024/2025

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