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Why Faith does not Play Religious Games

January 1, 2022

It seems that some people would rather Play Religious Games, than embrace the Way of Faith in Jesus Christ.

Martin Luther encountered intense opposition from those stuck in Religious Games, when he proclaimed his Revelation of Justification by Faith.

Paul discusses this in his Latter to the Galatians in Turkey, in Galatians 2:16-21,

“So we also have believed in Jesus Christ, in order to be Justified by Faith in Christ and not by works of the Law,”

Paul is emphasising that Faith refuses to Play any form of Religious Games.

Notice Paul did not say, “Well after careful consideration, we have decided to add veneration of the Saints to our Faith, because after all, we’ve all had uncaring fathers, and you never know if Jesus will be really listening to your Prayers, so we’ve found another form using Prayer Ritualism with Beads thrown in, for you to feel like you’ve been Justified.”

The reference to Works of the Law is better understood as Religious Games in todays PC Western Culture.

Paul continues in Galatians ESV, “Because by Works of the Law no one will be Justified”

Paraphrased, “Because by Religious Games no one will be Justified”

Why do people love Religious Games more than Faith?

The Religious Games appeal to our Egos, “I’m holier than thou because I have lit more candles and incense to idols today, plus my Meditation Rituals are more disciplined than yours, so I deserve Nirvana, whereas you don’t”

Would you like to be Justified by Faith in Christ Jesus?

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