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Why Faith cannot be substituted for a Formula

January 1, 2022

Paul clarifies the difference between the Gospel of Grace and Religious Legalism in his Letter to the Galatians in Turkey.

In Galatians 2:16 ESV, “yet we know that a person is NOT JUSTIFIED by works of the Law but through Faith in Jesus Christ”

Here Paul is not referring to the Legal Statutes of the region, but to the religious practice of following a set of spiritual rules, or a catechism, or ten steps to enlightenment, or five meditation practices, or three Keys to reach Nirvana , and so on.

You cannot reach a place of Justification with God through a Spiritual Olympics Game.

No matter how many times per day that you Pray, you will always feel that you have fallen short of the mark, unless you submit your heart to the Grace of Jesus Christ.

We can only be Justified before God by Faith in His Som Jesus Christ.

Faith cannot be substituted for a Religious Formula.

The Faith that we have in Jesus Christ is given to us by the Grace of God, and not by earning a sufficient number of brownie points.

Would you like to be Justified before God by Faith in Jesus Christ?

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