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Ticket to Ride

September 14, 2021

We are discussing Inspiration from the Classic Beatles Song , “Ticket to Ride”.

The song opens with these poignant lyrics,

“I think I’m gonna be sad

I think it’s today, yeah

The girl that’s driving me mad

Is going away.”

It’s understandable that you might be feeling sad

that your girlfriend or partner is going away.

But what type of parting gift

do you want to give her?

Sadness for yourself,

or Happiness for her?

Do you want her parting feeling for you

to be of a self absorbed sad person,

who cares only about themselves?

Or do you want to reveal your Real Self,

a loving person who genuinely desires

her happiness and fulfilment?

The Beatles song continues,

“She’s got a Ticket to Ride

But she don’t care,

She said that living with me

Is bringing her down, yeah”

So your girlfriend wants to leave you because

you are bringing her down,

but you want to Play the Blame Card on her

because “she doesn’t care”?

How about focusing on making her feel good,

and not bringing her down?

To do this you are going to have to

look outside of your own needs,

and by realising the Love for your Partner

start to put her needs first.

What is it that your girlfriend really desires from you?

The Beatles song fills us in,

“For she would never be free

when I was around”

Are you allowing your own insecurities and fears,

to make you appear to be too controlling

over her desires and emotions?

The wonderful Ticket to Ride continues,

“I don’t know why she’s riding so high”

Should she be depressed and sad like you are?

Playing the Blame Card on your partner will not bring them back to you.

If you are unhappy that your girlfriend is high on life,

then you are going to repel her away from you.

Ticket to Ride illustrates this,

“She ought to think twice

she ought to do right by me”

But are you doing right by her,

is being jealous of her happiness going to help your relationship?

If we give out unconditional Grace towards our partner, or family members,

we will find that others will do right by us,

and Grace and Love will be multiplied back to us.

Some people will try to take advantage of you,

no matter what you do,

but they are best avoided.

The Beatles continue,

“Before she gets to saying goodbye

She ought to think twice

She ought to do right by me”

Why don’t you do right by her before she says Goodbye?

If you show Grace to her,

then she may not want to leave you?

Why can’t we show Grace to those we love?

Our ego gets in the way saying,

‘I’m right, so she should be admitting that she’s wrong,

until she starts doing the right thing by me,

I won’t show her that I really love her,

I’m always right.”

We have to learn how to overcome the demands of our own Ego,

if we want to have great relationships.

The reason that your girlfriend is ‘Riding High’

and you’re not,

is because she has her Ego under control.

“She’s Got a Ticket to Ride”,

your girlfriend is free,

and you’ve got an Ego who is ‘always right’.

Would you like to be free of the demands of your ego?

Copyright – Omega Course – All International Rights Reserved

Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024

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