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How to Overcome Guilt

September 5, 2021

The famous Quote by Sigmund Freud,

“Before you diagnose yourself with Depression or low Self Esteem,

make sure you’re not surrounded by fools.”,

would be very controversial if it was made today.

Why does that matter in a discussion about Guilt?

If you are going to resolve your Guilt issues,

it’s important to recognize that sometimes our other negative emotions,

can actually be caused by uncertainty over Guilt.

Todays PC Agenda wants to diagnose almost every emotional turbulence

that we experience as Depression or Anxiety,

but we are not dismissing the genuinely severe cases.

Where does your Guilt come from?

When trying to find the source of your Guilt,

it is necessary to not magnify your feelings of Guilt,

even if you know that you have done someone wrong,

or have been doing something harmful to yourself,

eg drinking too much booze.

Deliberately focusing on your feelings of culpability

can lead to depression or low Self / Esteem.

Confessing your wrong doing to God,

will immediately lift the burden,

if you ask for Grace from Jesus Christ.

However, if you see God as a harsh Judge keeping a Scorecard

of all your mistakes and errors,

you may not receive the Grace that you need.

In Paul’s Letter to the Roman Church Ch4v4/, Message,

“But if you see that the job is too big for you”

of resolving your Guilt,

“that it’s something only God can do”,

you come to this place after trying everything else,

“and you Trust Him to do it,”

you can only do this if you open your heart to God’s Love and Grace,

“you could never do it for yourself no matter how long and hard you worked”,

you eventually found that extended Meditation sessions only increased your anxiety,

“that trusting Him to do it is what gets you Right with God, “,

it’s the Grace of Jesus that makes you the Righteous of God,

“Set Right with God, sheer Gift”,

you Receive God’s Gift of Right Standing in Jesus Christ by Faith in His Grace.

Copyright / Omega Course / All Rights Reserved

Craig Holme / 2021/2022/2023/2024

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