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How to Close the Guilt Portal

September 2, 2021

Once you open the Guilt Portal it is very difficult to close it through Self Effort,

but Paul has revealed an easy way in his Secret Wisdom in his Letter to the Roman Church.

Firstly, opening the Guilt Portal has consequences for our Self Esteem, because we feel badly about ourselves.

A Counsellor may tell you that ,

“you have nothing to worry about,

since the cause of your Guilt is because you have violated your own Moral Code,

but because there is no such thing as a Moral Code,

then all you need to do is stop feeling regretful or responsible for your deed,

and the feelings of Guilt and Grief will go away.”

However, you soon discover that this advice doesn’t close the Guilt Portal,

if anything, trying to forget your own Moral Code has only made things far worse,

because you are now not sure of Who You Are anymore.

Paul’s Revelation of Grace gives us the solution to Closing the Guilt Portal,

Romans 3v23 Message,

“He got us out of the mess we’re in and Restored us to where He always wanted us to be.

And he did it by means of Jesus Christ.”

To receive this Revelation of Grace you have to let go

of your Ego’s desire to control everything.

Can your Ego close the Guilt Portal?

You have already tried everything you know,

and nothing seems to be working,

not even the extended 6 hour Meditation Session on your Weekend Retreat

made any difference to the pangs of Guilt you are experiencing.

The Meditation Teacher told you that you needed a whole month of extended meditation rituals,

but you know that it won’t work.

By yielding your heart to Jesus Christ

are immediately filled with the Grace and Love that you are looking for,

and Jesus slams the Guilt Portal shut for you.

Copyright – Omega Course – All International Rights Reserved

Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024/

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