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Why can’t we Overcome Guilt?

September 1, 2021

Secret Wisdom of Paul – Overcoming Guilt.

If Guilt was easy for most people to overcome then we would not have the Psychologist and Psychiatrist Offices full of religious and spiritual people looking for a remedy.

However, Paul clearly reveals the Secret Wisdom that he received from Jesus Christ to overcome all Guilty feelings in his Letter to the Roman Church.

Romans 3 V27-28,

“What we’ve learned is this: God does NOT respond to what we do, we respond to what God does.

We’ve finally figured it out. Our lives get in step with God and all others by letting Him set the pace,

not by proudly or anxiously trying to run the parade.”

Paul was Teaching a New Revelation of Grace, and was being countered by religious people who wanted to establish that they were setting the Rules for the Game of Life.

We can see this Spiritual Conflict being worked out today over Paul’s Revelation of ‘One Mediator between God and Man, the Man Jesus Christ’.

Religious people are constantly trying to get God to respond to their idea and demands of who a Mediator should be by saying,

“Well in my valued and learned opinion, I know the Apostle Paul wrote most of the New Covenant and stated emphatically that there is only ONE MEDIATOR, but I happen to believe that we should be able to have many Saints or Angels as Mediators, after all some people may lose Faith in Jesus but can always Pray to their favourite Saint or Statue or Idol. I can’t see the harm in Praying to Saints, although I must admit that I do hear a lot of complaining in the Confessional that the Saints aren’t listening.”

We have tried to ‘Reinvent the Wheel’ by bringing in the concept of Multiple Mediators and Idols, and in telling God that this is the way that we want it.

One major argument being used to justify Multiple Mediators by Religious New Age Ministers who are Political Correctness advocates, is that “we cannot trust Jesus Christ because He is male”.

Also, “because we have lost trust in our fathers as they have been less than perfect, we cannot have One Mediator who is a Father figure”.

Others suggest that their particular Saint lived a very holy life with a vow of poverty in a Monastery, so therefore we should be able to Pray to that Saint.

Paul adds clarity in his Letter to the Roman Church 3V30, Message,

“God Sets Right all who welcome His action and enter into it, both those who follow our Religious System and those who have never heard of our Religion.”

This shows how amazing Paul’s Gospel of Grace is, as it is available to members of all Denominations and to those who are not a member of any Church.

So there is no need for anyone to become defensive and quote their denomination’s Religious Rules or Orthodoxy, to oppose the Grace of Jesus.

Are your Religious Rules helping you to overcome your own feelings of Guilt?

If not, then open your heart to Receive the Grace of Jesus Christ by Faith.

Copyright – Omega Course – All International Rights Reserved

Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024/

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