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Secret Wisdom of Paul – Guilt Free

August 30, 2021

Would you like to be Guilt Free?

The possibility of being Guilt Free has now reached the Mount Everest ,’impossible to climb’, status amongst many Spiritual, Religious, and personal development advocates.

Comments such as, “You don’t have to be free of Guilt to be Happy”,

or “the best way to deal with Guilt is to drown it with booze”,

or “my Guilt is a part of who I am now, I’m used to it, it makes me feel very depressed that I’ve been told that I can never get rid of it”.

or “it’s unrealistic to think that you can beat Guilt”,

or the laughable, “It’s societies fault that you feel Guilty”,

or the saddest, “In our professional opinion, the best solution for Guilt is a Pill”.

Paul revealed in his brilliant Letter to the Roman Church that God has created the Solution to the Guilt problem by the Grace of Jesus Christ, but it’s NOT what most religious people think that it is.

Someone else states how they feel , “I’ve done some things in my life that I’m not proud of, and I feel really bad about it, I can’t forgive myself so why should God forgive me? I am not worthy of Grace”.

What we need to understand is that God’s Grace is not dependent on us living a perfect life, all we have to do is receive Grace by Faith.

Paul states in Romans Ch3 Message , “How else would things ever get straightened out if God didn’t do the straightening?”

When we come to the place that we WANT to get rid of our Guilt, but find that we can’t do it through Religious Rituals, illicit drugs or alcohol, meditation classes, Blame Cards, the classic denial Ostrich Cards, we are now ready to receive the Gift of Grace from Jesus Christ.

Someone says, “Why are there so many religious people lined up to go to the Counsellor for Alcoholism, if Grace is freely available?”

We simply have not been taught correctly in most cases what is the New Way of Grace, mainly because some Religious Teachers have thought that Grace was being used as an excuse to keep on Sinning.

But I have Good News for those misinformed Teachers, your followers are not using Grace as an excuse to Sin, they were already Sinning anyway, and still are listening to you Preach against Grace with your Self-Righteousness.

What we do need is the Grace of Jesus to overcome the Sin that is our weakness in our lives.

Paul explains this clearly to the Roman Church who were being persuaded by Anti-Grace Legalists, Romans Ch3V21 Message,

“But in our time something NEW has been added.

What Moses and the Prophets witnessed to all those years ago has happened.

The God setting things right that we read about has become Jesus setting things right for us.”

So the problem with Anti-Grace Legalists is that they don’t believe that Jesus has Set Things Right for us, they are still thinking that we need to do so by vigorously trying to obey the Religious Commandments that are Preached.

“You must eat a strict Vegetarian Diet”,

“You must Pray certain Prayers several times per day”

“You must go to the Confessional at least once per week”

“You must keep the Sabbath Day”

and so on, none of these things are necessarily wrong in themselves, but by thinking that in doing them you are scoring Spiritual Points and are therefore pleasing God is a wrong notion.

By Believing that Jesus has Set Things Right for you there comes a Freedom and Liberty in your life that will amaze and excite you, because Guilt can no longer dominate and control your emotions.

Would you like to ENJOY being Guilt Free?

Copyright – Omega Course – All International Rights Reserved

Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024/2025

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