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Would you like to Receive the Blessing?

August 26, 2021

For many Religious people their concept of spiritual practices revolves around a set of rules or laws, so their whole focus is on their sense of guilt for not following these rules perfectly.

As a result, the concept of being successful in this life is far removed from their daily religious routine.

The topic of Success is now a taboo subject in most religious gatherings because it is perceived to conflict with the notion of guilt pacification.

We can’t talk about Success with Money, yet the majority of arguments in the home are caused by stress related to financial issues.

In Paul’s Letter to the Roman Church, the Apostle clearly shows the roadmap for being successful in this life.

The irony is that in many homes both partners will be working long overtime hours to gain extra dollars for the family, but will get upset and offended if the Pastor discusses Scriptural Success Strategies .

Romans Ch4V13:

“For the Promise to Abraham or to his descendants that he would be heir of the WORLD,

was NOT through observing the requirements of the LAW”.

What PROMISE was Abraham given by God?

Most religious people would answer that it was the promise of Heaven, which is also true, but in this context Paul is clarifying that the Promise also covers our existence in the ‘nasty here and now’.

To be an ‘Heir of the World’ means that we are to inherit the good things of this life by Faith.

Those who are suffering from a Spiritual Guilt Complex because they are not living a perfect life, have difficulty in accepting the idea that God wants them to be successful.

Unresolved Guilt causes religious people to think that they are not worthy of God’s Blessing, therefore cannot expect to receive the Blessing of Abraham.

This in no way is trivializing the impact of willful Sinning, as to do so opens a Portal to the Curse in our lives.

Would you like to Receive the Blessing of God in your life?

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Craig Holme / 2021/2022/2023/2024

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