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Faith Vs Religious Laws

August 24, 2021

Almost all of the world’s religions and spiritual philosophies are based on following a strict set of rules.

Today we hear, “The 7 Steps to Happiness” in Personal Development, or “The Ten Commandments” in Religion.

The principal is the same, that you can achieve happiness by following these designated Spiritual Laws or Principals.

Of course, what happens to us if we fail to live up to the high expectations of these Laws?

We are then declared a failure, and we experience Guilt and Rejection, which then becomes a major reason why many people forsake the Religion of their childhood.

Paul addresses this issue in his Letter to the Roman Church, Ch4V13 AMP,

“For the Promise to Abraham or to his descendants that he would be the HEIR OF THE WORLD..”

Has Paul got it wrong here? Should he be saying that the ‘Heir of Heaven’ is the Promise to Abraham?

If Paul were to say this about the HEIR OF THE WORLD in many Congregations today there would be shock and outrage.

Well meaning Religious people may respond,

“How dare Paul say that Abraham would be the ‘Heir of the World’, doesn’t Paul know that our Religion has nothing to do with this earthly plane? We will have to tell Paul that our religious practices are all about a Spiritual Rulebook to get us to Heaven”

Romans Ch4V13 AMP cont,

“that he would be HEIR OF THE WORLD was not through observing the requirements of the LAW,

But through the Righteousness of Faith.”

If you are going to Receive the Promises of God in this life, it is not going to come through Religious Laws, no matter how right you think they are. We are not saying that there is anything inherently wrong with Religious Laws, as in some cases they form the social fabric of a community.

But Abraham discovered that he could not inherit the Promises of God and enjoy the Blessing by Playing Religious Rulebook Games. Abraham Believed God’s Promises and this was counted as the Righteousness of Faith, which gave him Right Standing with God by Grace.

What is the purpose of the Religious Rule Book?

To show us where we are Trespassing into areas that are opening up a Portal to the Curse.

Copyright / Omega Course / All International Rights Reserved

Craig Holme 2021/2022/2023/2024/

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