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Would you like to be Guilt Free?

August 23, 2021

The solution to the Guilt problem is not immediately obvious to most people because the Political Correctness Agenda we have been taught been taught has confused us as to the cause of our own Guilt.

You may have been told by a University Professor that there is no such thing as Sin, and that it was the invention of the Ruling Classes to keep the population under “Mind Control” through the use of Guilt.

But if this is the case, why is there more people in the Psychologist and Psychiatrist Offices than ever before, who don’t believe in the concept of Sin?

If you cannot determine the cause of your own Guilt, you are not going to be able to cure it.

In his Letter to the Roman Church, Paul reveals the Secret to overcoming Guilt.

In Romans Chapter 4V1 AMP Paul states,

“What then shall we say that Abraham, our forefather humanly speaking, has found?”

Abraham was a leader at the time who discovered a Spiritual Secret that profoundly changed his life, and empowered him to deal with the Guilt of his own personal failures.

Paul was not discussing Abraham because he lived the life of a pious Monk in a Monastery in the middle of the desert, in fact Abraham was very much a ‘man of the world’.

Abraham became an exciting and dynamic leader because the Secret to overcoming Guilt was revealed to him by God.

Romans 4V1, AMP

“Has he obtained a favored standing?”

Paul raises this question to show us how we can beat Guilt and obtain a favored standing with Jesus Christ our Lord.

Romans 4V2, AMP,

“For if Abraham was justified, that is acquitted from the Guilt of his Sins by works, those things that he did which were good, he has something to boast about, but not before God.”

Some people think that the way to beat Guilt is with excessive alcohol and illicit drugs.

Other religious people believe that they have to earn a reprieve from Guilt through such activities as Repetitive Prayers, Lighting Incense Sticks or Candles, Particular Prayer Beads, Meditation Techniques, Hallucinogenic and Psychedelic Drug Rituals, Observances of Holy or Special Days, Occultism, Special Diets, and so on.

Abraham discovered a way to beat his Guilt without having to resort to Legalistic Religious Formulas or Drugs.

Romans 4V3, AMP,

“For what does the Scripture say, ABRAHAM BELIEVED IN GOD AND IT WAS CREDITED TO HIS ACCOUNT AS RIGHTEOUSNESS, right living, right standing with God.”

The reason that Abraham had Right Standing with God credited to his Spiritual Account, was because Abraham was prepared to Believe God’s Word.

Are you willing to Believe God’s Word, or do you think that you have to earn a reprieve for your Guilt by performing endless Religious Rituals?

Romans 4V4, AMP,

“Now to a laborer, his wages are not credited as a favor or a gift, but as an obligation,

something owed to him.”

Paul is using this illustration to show us that no amount of participating in Religious Rituals can earn us a favored standing with God.

As a young boy I used to recite certain prayers over and over and over again, until I could fall asleep with a sense that somehow I had pleased God. I had the erroneous idea that if I were to recite these Prayers a number of times, then God would owe me His Forgiveness and His Favor.

Romans 4V 5 AMP,

“But to the one who does not work, that is, the one who does not try to earn his Salvation by doing good”

This does not mean that God is against us doing good works or being involved in Social Programs, as this is about how your Salvation eradicates your Guilt.

Romans 4V5 AMP continued,

“But Believes and completely trusts in Him who justifies the ungodly”

This explains very clearly that the Key to completely overcoming Guilt is to receive the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,

who justifies the Guilty.

Romans 4V5 AMP continued,

“his Faith is Credited to him as Righteousness, Right Standing with God”.

So it boils down to what you Believe.

Do you Believe that you have to earn your Right Standing with God with Brownie Points?

If so, will your Inner Critic will be forever pointing out your shortcomings?

By Believing that you have been made the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus by Grace,

you will no longer be troubled by Guilt.

Copyright – All International Rights Reserved – Omega Course

Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024

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