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Secret Wisdom of Paul – Legal Rights

August 21, 2021

Paul Revealed the Secret Wisdom given to him by Jesus Christ in his Letter to the Romans.

In Romans 5V17 AMP

“For if by the Trespass of the one, Adam”

It is very interesting that the AMP used the word ‘Trespass’ to describe the infringement made by Adam, the First Man. If you trespass on a property, you may be breaking the law if your act of trespassing on that property is not permitted.

Trespass in the context of the Secret Wisdom of Paul means to ‘Sin’.

As a result of the ongoing indoctrination of the Political Correctness Agenda, we have been led to believe that there is no such thing as Sin.

Sin is purported to be a supposed invention of the male patriarchy to keep people subjugated.

But when we understand that to Sin is to Spiritually Trespass into a forbidden area,

the hidden Wisdom of Heaven begins to open up to us.

Adam stepped over the line, and entered into a realm that he had no right to be in. As a result, he opened the doorway to Hell in his life.

If you decide to Sin in anyway, there are consequences for your Spiritual Trespass, that either you will have to pay for, or someone else will have to pay the price for you.

Romans Ch5V17 continues,

“Death reigned through the one, Adam”

Through this one act of Spiritual Trespass into unlawful territory,

Death was given a Legal Right to reign over Adam’s life.

Are you giving Spiritual Death a Legal Right to Reign over your Life?

In Romans 5v1 AMP,

Paul describes our legal release from the penalty of Spiritual Trespass,

“Therefore, since we have been justified, that is acquitted of Sin,

declared Blameless before God by Faith,”

What Paul is describing here is how to activate your acquittal of the serious Sin of Spiritual Trespass.

We have all ventured into a Spiritual Territory that we have no right to be in.

Many of us find that we are trapped in this Spiritual Territory where we have Trespassed into,

without knowing how to get out.

It could be an addiction to Gambling, Porn, Drugs or Alcohol that has us trapped.

The first step to being released from the Reign of Spiritual Death,

is to receive our acquittal by Faith.

Paul continues,

“Let us grasp the fact that we have Peace with God,”

Do you suffer from inner turmoil and restlessness?

If we have trespassed into the realm of Spiritual Death, we will find that the inner peace that we greatly desire is completely illusive.

No matter how much drugs or alcohol we consume, we cannot find the tranquility that we are looking for.

Spiritual death has us trapped, but there is a way of escape.

The Inner Peace that we are looking for comes from our Reconciliation with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Notice that Paul does not say,

“There are 7 Religious Rules that you must follow to be delivered from Spiritual Death”.

But on the contrary,

Paul describes our deliverance from Spiritual Death through a Relationship.

“And the joy of Reconciliation with Him through our Lord Jesus Christ, our Messiah, the Anointed”.

This shatters the illusion that Praying a certain number of times per day will deliver us from the Spiritual Death trap.

It’s not what you do that pays the price for your Spiritual Trespass, it is what Jesus Christ has already done for you.

All you have to do is exercise your Faith in the finished Work of Christ.

Man made Religion loves to tell us formulas that we must follow in order to deliver us from Spiritual Death, but these rules and ‘recipes’ are in serious error because they fail to account for our Legal Rights in Christ Jesus.

Copyright – Omega Course – 2021/2022/2023/2024

Craig Holme – All International Rights Reserved

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