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Can You Change? Inspiration from Radiohead – Creep

August 2, 2021

One of the most common remarks made by skeptics is that,

“People Never Change!”.

This pessimistic character reference is never made about someone’s positive attributes, only about their negative or dark side.

The sad fact is that in most cases this assessment of not changing is true.

However, on the optimistic side you don’t hear anyone saying,

“She’s a happy and cheerful type, she will never change, once a person is bright and joyful they will never be bad tempered ever again. These carefree people don’t have a bleak day in their entire lives and have no need for any kind of medication or alcohol.”

But just let someone go through a brief bout of depression, and all the cynics are suddenly trained psychiatrists,

“Well, in my highly regarded opinion, once you are depressed you now have a serious medical condition for life, you will never get over it completely because it’s in your DNA. You know they have found that some people are predisposed to depression and there is nothing you can do about it. I heard a celebrity say on social media that they can only deal with their despair through lots of booze and coke, because the restlessness is part of who they really are. More people should show this kind of celeb honesty and reveal their weltschmerz or melancholy nature, and admit that they are hopeless addicts.”

It’s almost is if the idea now that You Can Change is forbidden or denigrated.

Just say that You Want To Change, and you will hear endless excuses and reasons why you can’t Change from well meaning Counsellors.

Why are there so many people who don’t want you to Change, and so few who will actually help you?

“Just accept who you are”,

“Why do you want to change?”,

“Don’t get your hopes up, I tried to change but I finally had to admit that I was powerless in the face of my Gambling Addiction.”

Radiohead’s Song ‘Creep’ describes the situation brilliantly,

“When you were here before,

Couldn’t look you in the eye,

You’re just like an Angel,

Your skin makes me cry”

The reason you couldn’t look her in the eye is because you were focusing inwardly on your own inadequacies,

instead of thinking about her needs,

So firstly, ask yourself ‘What are her needs?’.

By doing this you immediately bring yourself out of fixating on your Self.

Secondly, You were comparing your weaknesses to her seeming perfection,

making this comparison made you even more paranoid,

so think about your good points and believe in yourself,

and suddenly you will be able to compliment her without feeling bad about your Self.

The Radiohead Song Creep continues,

“You float like a feather,

In a beautiful world,

I wish I was special,

You’re so special”

What you are really saying is that you are envious of her lovely demeanor

because you really feel bad about yourself.

So if you could learn a technique to change the way you feel about your Self,

anywhere and anytime without illicit drugs or alcohol,

then you could also therefore feel great about her?

‘Creep’ continues,

“But I’m a creep

I’m a weirdo,

What the hell am I doin here?,

I don’t belong here”

Each of us have an Inner Critic that is constantly pointing out our flaws to ourselves,

but you can switch it off,

not by suppressing it,

not by drowning it at the pub, nobody told you that illicit drugs only make it worse,

not by idolizing movie stars,

But by Switching On your Belief Button.

Your Belief Button empowers you to Believe in Your Self,

but only You can Switch it on,

and if you don’t you will keep thinking that you’re a creep and weird,

and she will run away from you.

To keep your Belief Button switched on,

make Positive Affirmations about yourself everyday.

Copyright – Craig Holme – Omega Course

All International Rights Reserved – 2021/2022/2023/2024/

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