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I’m Down, How Do I Get Back Up?

July 3, 2021

Are you saying to yourself, “I feel like I’ve been down for so long now, I don’t think I can get back up” ?

Bouncing Back from failure and setbacks is easier said than done.

Once you have failed in an area of your life, perhaps in marriage or business or anything else, your mind retains an emotional memory of the mistakes that you made.

To avoid the Pain of these memories, we tend to try to avoid similar situations in the future.

If you’ve been separated and you want to have a successful new relationship, would you like to have these uncomfortable memories healed?

The healing of your memories starts with releasing the power of forgiveness towards those who have done you wrong.

But, why do so few people truly forgive their ex partner or anyone else that they have conflicted with?

Why do we say that we have forgiven a person, but still hold onto secret bitterness towards them?

It’s because the emotionally charged memories are still very real and present, and we are reliving past events in our minds over and over again.

How do we receive Healing for these traumatic memories?

Some well meaning Professionals will say to you , “Just forget them”.

If it was that easy, everyone would just forget them, and we wouldn’t have the huge numbers of stress disorders and phobias that we see today.

Someone Quoting what Sigmund Freud said about phobias did not help you, it only made you feel more confused and guilty.

Someone else saying, “Science understands why you feel like you do, here take this pill, it will make you feel better”, didn’t help you either.

You don’t want drugs, you want a solution to your internal dilemma, because you don’t want to carry this baggage into your next relationship.

Then a ‘Meditation Teacher’ says , “Try my meditation classes’, but then you find out he has never had a successful relationship and is constantly whining about his ex’s.

Another Professional says to you, “It’s all a matter of your willpower, don’t be so weak.”

If you were feeling down before, did this has made you feel far worse?

Have all these ‘experts’ have left you feeling distraught, and that there must be a Better Way ?

To receive the healing of your memories, we have to acknowledge that we have come to the end of ourselves, and that we need the help of the Grace of God.

As you yield your heart to the Grace of Jesus Christ, you will find the Peace and Love that you are looking for.

The Love of Jesus extinguishes your trauma by His Grace, and not by your efforts.

Paul discusses this in Romans Ch1 V7 AMP,

“Grace to You and Peace, inner calm and spiritual well being, from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ”.

If you have trouble seeing God as a Father figure, because your own father was less than perfect, then you can Receive the Grace of Jesus to heal that relationship painful memory also.

You don’t have to fix your memories before you can receive Grace, because we don’t have to qualify for Grace, as it is a Free Gift from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Copyright – Craig Holme – Omega Course

All Rights Reserved – 2021/2022/2023/2024/2025

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  1. Thank you for the laugh in regards to your meditation teacher. Thank you for your post altogether. You’re right on so many levels and yet despite knowing there is a God who sent his son to die on the cross for me. And this death is to save me from all of my unbecomings, mistakes and errors made upon me. It is Grace, God’s grace. I would love to say that transition and thinking and believing and applying God’s grace to my life was easy, however consider a person’s life always hanging in the balance of “how can I endure being raped one more time?” versus “I know God has a purpose for me and while I am being raped I will sit upon His hand cradled by Him but why must I endure”. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to somebody outside of my head. I just know that there’s a lot entangled with healing from trauma, engaging in the world as it is now, knowing that God has my back.

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