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Do you want to be Happy?

June 20, 2021

Most of us think that happiness is fleeting, that we can feel happy on Sunday and then depressed because we have to go back to work on Monday.

So our happiness becomes dependent on our external circumstances, and for those of us with the ‘work blues’, this means just being happy on the weekend.

The atheistic Professors of Political Correctness openly mock Spirituality as being believed in by boring Religious Rulebook types, who are full of drudgery, because metaphysical ideas make people dependent upon ‘pie in the sky’ delusions.

They proclaim that the ‘opiate of the masses’ causes people to act contrary to human nature by following the Mosaic Law.

Whilst hypocritically at the same time, some of these disingenuous Political Orthodoxy Lecturers who are Trained how to close your mind to spiritual ideas, are secretly addicted to anti-depressants and illicit drugs and alcohol and gambling, because they are trying to hide their deep depression and unresolved anxiety.

It is true that If your Religion or Spirituality is based on a set of strict rules it will not be a source of joy to you, so in this context the Cancel Culture Thought Police are doing us a favor by ridiculing Spiritual Legalism.

If you want Sunshine in Your Heart, as spoken of by the great Charles Spurgeon, you need a Belief System where the source is Grace, and not Prayer Beads or Incense Rituals or Special Foods or Magic Incantations or Lighting Candles or Meditation Mantras or Special Formulas.

We are Happy because we have Received the Grace of Jesus, so we can be joyful in even the most difficult of circumstances.

Paul stated in Romans Ch 5V1 AMP

“Therefore since we have been Justified by Faith, that is acquitted of Sin, declared Blameless before God”

To be declared Blameless means that you are now Free of all Guilt, and can now enjoy your life without the negative emotions that were previously ‘dragging you down’.

The Religious Rule Book attitude cannot understand the reality that they are Justified by Faith, and seeks to add veneration of a certain day as holier than others, strict dietary requirements, Offerings to Idols, and other bondages.

Why not celebrate and rejoice over your Blameless Declaration and Stop Condemning yourself?

You are Declared Blameless and Not Guilty before God by the Grace of Jesus, and just because you have been told to feel like an Unworthy Sinner all the time doesn’t change this Truth about Who You are in Christ.

Paul continues Romans Ch5V1 AMP,

“Let us grasp the fact that we have Peace with God, and Joy of Reconciliation with Him through our Lord Jesus Christ, who is The Messiah, the Anointed.”

Why is it so hard for some Religious people to find this Peaceful and Joyful Pathway to Success?

They are not receiving the Blameless Declaration by Faith, but are trying to Earn it through “Frequent Flyer Points’ in their Religious Rulebook.

Notice that Paul did not say,

‘BUT, We have Peace with God only when we are following the Spiritual Rules to the letter, and after we have eaten a perfect diet, and attended the correct Rituals several times per day, and even then you cannot be sure because you’ve probably made mistakes.’

Paul also did NOT SAY,

‘BUT, Don’t get your hopes up because you can only experience this Peace when everything is going your way, because if you are experiencing difficulty you have probably Sinned’,

Neither did Paul say,

‘BUT, This Peace is only available to those of you who are perfectly following the Cancel Culture Agenda, you have to watch what you saying to make sure you are Politically Correct’.

You can Rejoice and be Happy unconditionally by Grace because you have been Declared Blameless in Christ Jesus.

Copyright – Craig Holme – All Rights Reserved

Omega Course – 2021/2022/2023/2024/2025

How to Encounter Grace

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