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Your Legal Rights under Spiritual Law -1

June 17, 2021

Your Legal Rights under the New Covenant of Grace.

Craig Holme Spiritual Inspiration

When we discuss our Legal Rights before the Courts of Heaven it is sometimes stated by Believers that they have trouble understanding these principles that we are explaining.

In fact, the more highly educated the person there is in some cases more confusion and perplexity by the concept that we have Rights bestowed upon us by Grace in the Commonwealth of the Kingdom of God.

Yet those same Politically Correct educated people tend to have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of their welfare rights under the legal systems of wherever they live.

Those who have been instructed with the secular foolishness of ‘Cancel Culture’ are able to explain the complicated ‘rights’ that they claim to be Self-entitled to verbatim.

Therefore, we can deduce that the reason that more Religious people do not know about their Legal Rights before the Courts of Heaven is not a lack of mental faculty or of…

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