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Do You Want To Be Guilt Free?

June 17, 2021

Do you want to be Free of Guilt or do you want to go on pretending?

The Psychiatrist and Psychologist’s Offices are full of people trying to resolve all kinds of Guilt related issues.

Religious and Non-Religious people all seem to be suffering from the same Guilt complexes.

Some think that giving up their religion will somehow magically absolve them of all their hidden and unresolved fears and anxieties, only to find themselves going ‘Full Circle’ back to the place of despair from which they are trying to escape.

Religious Ritualism or Spiritual Mysticism cannot cure your Guilt Malady unless it deals with the core issue causing the problem.

The Apostle Paul explained this in Romans Ch 4 V15 AMP,

“For the (Religious) Law results in God’s wrath against Sin, but where there is no (Religious) Law, there is NO violation of it either.”

Here Paul makes an absolutely remarkable statement which explains why some people think that abandoning their religion is their escape clause for Sin related Guilt.

It doesn’t work because once you are exposed to the Moral Law there is no going back.

No amount of Cancel Culture indoctrination can get you to deny that Murdering, Stealing, and Lying is wrong.

But, Sin doesn’t have to be something obviously wrong even to the Political Correctness Thought Police, it can be desiring someone else’s wife or husband.

Why do so many Guilt Complexes spring from hidden Sins?

Paul discusses the solution in the next Verse, Romans ChV16 AMP,

“Therefore inheriting the Promise depends entirely on Faith, that is confident trust in the unseen God…”

What Promise?

This Promise comes from God our Creator who gave Moses the Ten Commandments, includes the ability to live a life Free of Guilt and filled with Grace and Inner Peace.

How do we Receive this Promise?

By Faith, we Believe that we have received the Righteous Nature of Christ in exchange for our Sinful Nature, by the Grace of God.

This is where some people hit a stumbling block, they just can’t Believe it even if they want to because the feelings of Anxiety, Fear, and the resulting Shame have too powerful a grip over their minds.

Paul has the answer to this in Romans Ch4V16 cont,

” In order that it may be given as an act of Grace, His unmerited favor and Mercy” .

You can’t beat Guilt by mentally playing denial games, but you can overcome its power with ease by receiving Grace from Jesus Christ.

Grace fills your heart with Love and Peace which immediately expels all negative emotions, especially Guilt and Fear.

This is why there is so much misunderstanding of Grace.

Grace is Not an excuse to continue in Sin, but the foundation of the Power of the Holy Spirit to overcome all Sin and to receive the Promise of Right Standing with God through Faith in Jesus Christ.

You are Guilt Free in Christ Jesus.

Copyright – Craig Holme – All Rights Reserved

Omega Course – 2021/2022/2023/2024/2025

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