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The Hidden Path to Success – Victim or Victor – 5

May 13, 2021

How you see yourself will determine whether you can find the Key to the Path of Success.

Do you feel like you are a Victim of Society or Culture, or any other other Circumstances that you may be facing?

Playing the Victim Card will automatically slam the Gate shut to the Success Pathway in your face.

You will find yourself locked out of what you desire.

You cannot expect to access the Promise and Play the Victim Card.

In your Workplace you may be experiencing some form of unfair treatment from a Boss or Manager or Colleague.

Most people subsequently react very badly in anger to this type of treatment, and tell everyone who will listen their woes, which seems to escalate the situation and make things worse.

Those who react in this way fail to realize that they are actually ‘fueling the fire’ by rewarding the work colleague for their negative behaviour or Life Card.

If we change the way we see Life from a Battlefield to a Game, we will clearly understand How to Win the Game of Life by Playing the Right Life Cards.

Playing the Victim Card in a Workplace will generally result in others perceiving your weaknesses, and will result in others taking the side of the person who is giving you a hard time, which is the opposite of what you want. Of course, we are not discussing extreme cases of abuse here, just normal and everyday interactions between people at work, families or friends.

Most of these type of undermining behaviours start with someone Playing the Jealousy Card to you. They are envious of something you have or are currently doing. So they devise a plan to bring you undone by first probing for your emotional weaknesses. If some people discover that they can get you very upset and angry easily, by personal jibes or criticism, or some other comment to provoke you, then they will Play that Card, because your responses are rewarding them.

The Beatles may have sung, ‘All We Need Is Love’, but few people are practicing Love, most are Singing ‘All I Want Is the Green-Eyed-Monster’.

To Win the Game of Life you have to decide not to Reward negative Card Players, under any circumstances.

The more Successful you become in your Workplace by following the Hidden Path to Success, the more people will pop up to try and bring you down to their Level in the Game. This is a very hard lesson for people to learn, and many decide to retreat from the Success Pathway because they cannot handle angst from people they thought were their friends.

Copyright – All Rights Reserved for all Written Content and Artwork – Omega Course

Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024

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