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The Hidden Path to Success – 2

April 25, 2021

What is the Promise to the Path of Success to Abraham that Paul of Tarsus discusses in his Letter to the Roman Church?

Paul is very clear that the Promise to the Path of Success is for those who have Faith in Christ Jesus our Lord, not just to Abraham.

But there is a proviso in the text which most Unbelieving religious people choose to conveniently ignore.

We must Believe that we are inheriting the World and not just Heaven, as Abraham did.

Those filled with Religious Hypocrisy cannot comprehend this World overcoming Faith.

The hypocrites cannot see the Light over this Path to Success because they have succumbed to the darkness of unbelief.

Did Abraham say to God, “I can only Believe that I’m going to Heaven, as for all this World Overcoming Faith, Fathering a child in my old age, Receiving the Blessing of God for provision in this life, it’s all too much for me”?

Our Lord Jesus Christ requires Believers to exercise their Faith for the Promise to Abraham in this life.

Yet many Unbelieving Religious people adamantly refuse to Believe in the Promise, and become ‘so Heavenly minded they are no earthly good’.

In actuality these sanctimonious bigots are not Heavenly minded at all, for if they were they would be committed to demonstrating the Heavenly presence in their lives, and would not be saying that Jesus has closed the door on Spiritual Gifts.

The Promise is readily available to those who yield to the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Faith to Believe for the Promise comes from the Grace of God by the Holy Spirit, so there is no excuse for the cynicism and skeptical thinking created by Agnostic Theological Professors.

Jesus said to the Apostle Paul when he was facing difficulties and opposition stirred up by the ‘holier than though’ Self-Righteous, “My Grace is sufficient for you”.

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Omega Course – Craig Holme

The Hidden Path to Success – Part 2

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