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How to Encounter Grace

April 19, 2021

Once you Encounter Grace your whole life changes.

You no longer need Religious Rituals and Meditation Mantras, Drug and Alcohol and Porn dependencies, Mind Games, Marxist Political Ideologies, Cancel Culture, Occult practices, and any other distraction based on a false hope.

The Grace of Jesus gives you a freedom from condemnation and guilt that transcends your Will Power.

Grace gives you the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of How to Win the Game of Life.

Your destiny is now Heaven, but your Life in the nasty here and now is filled with Love, Peace and Joy, so that you can be a Blessing to those around you, including your family and friends and those in need.

Why have more people not Encountered Grace?


The Ego wants you to be right, and to be respected for being Politically Correct, and subsequently gets you into arguments and fights with people you love, just to prove how aware you are of the “evil Patriarchy”.

Your Ego will create excuses in your mind for your addictions, and will tell you that your own Will Power can beat your cravings for booze and dope, when you know that you will cave-in when you feel depressed.

Your Ego will also create Religious and Pseudo-Spiritual roadblocks in your Mind to prevent you from yielding to Grace, pointing out that you already have the best Religious/Spiritual doctrines and ideas, and filling you with fears of becoming too “Christian”.

Your Ego will make your world totally Me-Centered, and will ask “What’s in it for me?” in every connection, which will ultimately sabotage your every attempt to be in a loving and meaningful relationship. This Me-Centered approach ruins your casual conversations, because you are not interested in listening to others viewpoints or opinions or dramas or failings, only the dialogue of your own voice, which leads to people disconnecting from you.

Our Egos want to tell us that we can handle any stresses or anxieties or paranoia, without needing any outside or external help from God or anyone else. This Self-Reliance comes from our need to Believe in ourselves, but our Self Confidence has already been shattered by past mistakes and failures. By saying, “I don’t need God to help me, I can do it myself, it’s not my fault that all my relationships are failures and I can’t find true love, it’s the way my parents brought me up.”

Our Egos want us to Play the Victim and Blame Cards, thinking that this will hopefully gain us sympathy from those around us, when in reality it just leads to further rejection.

Overcoming your Ego by yourself is impossible, and no amount of special diets, or new resolutions, or Hypnotherapy intrusions into your Sub-Conscious Mind can do this.

By the Grace of Jesus you can easily overcome the demands of your Ego, and be filled with the Holy Spirit and Joy.

Jesus said, “My burden is light and easy”, and is not based on spending hours reciting Prayer Beads, endless Special Fasting, Lighting Candles to Images or false Deities, or any other trick from your own Ego.

The Scripture ‘There is NO Condemnation for those in Christ Jesus’, can only be experienced by Grace through Faith.

If you Light 500 Candles and resolve to go on a Special Diet, your Ego will remind you that it is not enough to atone for your Sins.

You can bypass your Ego by yielding your Heart to the Grace of Jesus, and the moment you do this you will be filled with the Love of God, and a peace that passes understanding will envelope you.

Paul said in the Holy Scripture ‘Grace to You and Peace from God our Father, and from His Son Jesus Christ our Lord.’

Copyright – All Rights Reserved – Omega Course

Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024

Reproduction in any form only by Permission from the Author.

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