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Deep Purple – Pictures of Home – Inspiration

April 3, 2021

The lyrics of the Deep Purple song ‘Pictures of Home’ from their classic ‘Machine Head’ album contain some poignant insights that can help you through difficult times.

The song begins,

“Somebody’s Shouting

Up at a Mountain,

Only my own voice returns”

On the surface it appears that Ian Gillan’s lyrics reflect the band’s studio paranoia and claustrophobia and anxiety, but we have all wondered whether anyone can hear us when we call out in frustration.

“Nobody’s out there

It’s a deception

When will I ever learn”

If we yield to anxiety and paranoia, it can feel like we are all alone, and that nobody cares, and that believing in Love and Grace is a deception.

But if we choose to yield instead to the Spirit’s gentle leading, we will find a voice that cures our self-alienation.

You are not alone, and even if you feel isolated there is Grace to help you at your point of need.

“I’m alone here

with emptiness eagles and snow

unfriendliness chilling my body”

Sometimes even those closest to us will think that the Game of Life is a battle, and will give you the cold shoulder right when you need some support.

The rejection from your family and friends and associates cannot disconnect you from Grace and Love, but if you respond to the Rejection Card with paranoia you are only hurting yourself.

Apparently at this time the Deep Purple band was under enormous pressure to keep producing amazing hit rock music, and be continuously touring at the same time, which led to some tensions, which are occasionally expressed in the words.

“And Whispering Pictures of Home

Wandering blindly

How can they find me

Maybe they don’t even know

My body is shaking


Ian Gillan’s ability to create lyrics that use a cold mountainous backdrop to illustrate how they were feeling at the time is absolutely masterful, and makes this one of the best Deep Purple songs, despite Ritchie Blackmore’s apparent refusal to Play this incredible hit Live.

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Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024

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