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How to Win the Game of Life

February 14, 2021

Many people are stuck in a repeating Cycle of Playing the Blame Card and the Victim Card, and cannot seem to break free from it, and as a result are losing the Game of Life badly.

In our current “Cancel Culture” popularity, blaming others and society and our families for our current woes, has become a rewarded lifestyle.

No need to accept responsibility for your actions and behaviour, because its all the fault of your schooling or family upbringing or social status.

Paul in his first Letter to Timothy taught the essential Key to Winning the Game of Life.

1 Timothy 6v12

“Fight the Good Fight of Faith”

To stay in the realm of God’s Faith is required to overcome every obstacle. This is very easy to talk about, but not everyone knows how to do it.

There are opposing Spiritual Forces that try to tempt us to move out of the Faith Realm, and into the Feelings emotional state of mind. Sometimes we say this, “I feel depressed and down today, so I don’t want to Pray because I don’t have the Faith.”

Only you can sabotage your own Faith, nobody else can take you out of the Winning Circle of Faith and Grace.

We believe God for the victory in our circumstances, and when we encounter obstacles and reversals of fortune, which we all occasionally do, we call upon the Grace of Jesus to fill us with His overcoming Faith.

To Win the Good Fight of Faith, we first have to acknowledge that we are in a Faith Fight. Some Believers have no idea that they have to Fight to stay in the Faith Realm, and as such are easily drawn into Life’s Dramas where they start Playing the Blame Card and the Victim Card.

The instant that you start Blaming others for your current predicament, you start Losing the Game of Life. In fact, Playing the Blame Card is a guarantee for Losing the Game. You cannot act in Faith, and start Blaming at the same time, it is immediately Game Over and you Lose.

Yielding to the desire to Play the Blame Card and the Victim Card comes from submitting to the wrong spirit. When we are strong in the of Faith of Jesus, the last thing we are wanting to think about is your own Self-Pity.

Self-Pity focuses inwardly on our own failures and weaknesses, whereas Faith looks unto Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to put us over.

You can Win the Faith Fight every time by refusing to yield to Self-Pity, and by permanently removing the options for the Blame Card and Victim Card from your Playing Game.


“I am Playing the Faith Card to Win the Game of Life”

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