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How Can You Connect With God?

February 6, 2021

When I was at University studying Philosophy, Politics, Anthropology and Psychology, I found that the ideas being taught caused many of the students to become very cynical about life.

As I started believing some of the Marxist content in the courses I became more and more filled with angst and a feeling of separation from my friends and other students. The more I studied Philosophers who mocked God and all moral virtues and goodness, the worse this sense of anxiety. I discovered that the same thing was happening with other students, who kept asking me to score all kinds of illicit drugs for them because they knew I was a user.

What became very disturbing for me was seeing students enter the humanities courses reasonably happy with their lives, but then become more and more depressed as they were indoctrinated with Marxist philosophy. Students who previously were not using drugs at all, were now asking me for drugs all the time, even though I was not a dealer, but must have looked like one to some people. I saw the deterioration in their well being and began to ask myself what was causing this dependency on drugs. For me the marijuana, Hashish, LSD, Mushrooms and other drugs were all part of my existential search for meaning. Whereas for others it was obvious they were looking for a panacea for a meaningless existence, and the subsequent depression resulting from this. LSD and Magic Mushrooms in particular, game me intense and amazing insights and experiences into the spiritual world, which involved both good and bad encounters, that the Marxist materialism that I was studying taught me to deny.

At the same time I became friends with a group of evangelical, born again Christians, who were not using any illicit drugs, yet were happy and joyful most of time. This created a serious quandary for my then worldview.

Here were the happy-clappy Christians, that were completely ridiculed and seen as the ‘enemy’ by almost every author I was studying, enjoying life and having a good time, whilst many of the uni students were trying to fill the void in their life with drugs, excessive alcohol consumption and gambling. This led to an increasing state of perplexity that I was unable to resolve.

The Christians were inviting me to connect with God through Jesus Christ, which I had no idea how to do, even though I was supposedly a ‘Catholic’. The bible believers were asking me to repent and ask Jesus Christ into my life. If they had asked me this in Latin,

“Paenitet enim vita tua, et in Christo Iesu Suscipe Pro Domino”

I would had a better chance of understanding it because I had no idea what this meant, or how to do it.

My response to everything was, “That’s ok, I’m a Catholic”.

Didn’t they realize that we Catholics didn’t actually believe our religion for the most part?

To repent was a totally foreign concept to me, and I told them,

“Why would I want to repent, as I haven’t done anything wrong?”

What drew me in was the presence of the Holy Spirit, that I could experience when they gathered together for fellowship anywhere. This amazed me because the Holy Spirit would manifest His Presence at a Beach BBQ in the same way as at a Church Service. I could not deny the tangible, electrifying acquaintance with the person of the Holy Spirit.

Would you like to Connect with the Holy Spirit?

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Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024/

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