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Is there a Better Way to Connect with God?

February 3, 2021

Are You Seeking to Please God By Following Religious Rules? – 2

Grace Vs Religious Rules

The Book of Galatians brilliantly exposes this intense Spiritual Battle between Law and Grace.

We often tend to want to revert back to a Spiritual Formula of certain Religious Rules or Prayer Recipes or Mantras or Moral Laws, to try to please an angry and distant God or Deity.

The reason we do this is because we feel a separation from the God or Deity that we are worshipping.

As a result, our Inner Critic says to us, “You can’t feel the presence of God because you haven’t said your Prayer Ritual three times today, you need to get your Prayer Beads and repeat it 6 times to make up the difference, and then you will atone for your Sins and feel better”.

Is there a better way to stay connected with God ?

Paul explains this Better Way in Galatians,


“Grace to You and Peace – Inner Calm and Spiritual Well Being – from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Often Galatians is discussed in connection with Martin Luther and Paul’s Revelation from Jesus Christ by so called “Theologians”. The aspersion is made that both Martin Luther and Paul were obsessed with the ‘Justification by Faith’ doctrine to the exclusion of all else. This verse completely refutes that concept as Paul introduces himself with the topic of Grace, and was a Teacher of the Gospel of Grace, of which Martin Luther was well aware and an advocate of.

The Apostle Paul is so clear in his illustrations of the triumph of the Grace of Jesus that you would need an ignorant Theological Professor to confuse you. The concept of Grace is the choking point for most critics of Paul and Martin Luther.

Did Paul say,

‘Faith to you Only, from God our Father, and there is No Need for anything else, because I’m a Preacher of Salvation by Faith and you can forget about all this airy-fairy Grace talk’?

Paul’s emphasis on Grace was what caused most of the controversy and opposition at the time from the Religious Hypocrites with their Prayer Beads, just as it does today with the accusation of ‘Hyper-Grace’.

Both Paul and Martin Luther are unfairly accused of being “Faith Only” teachers, and these insinuations come from Legalistic Rule Keepers who are threatened by the Gospel of Grace which we receive by Faith. As Paul and Luther knew well, the Gospel of Grace is not understood through head knowledge of a mathematically calculated spiritual concept, but through an encounter with a person, the Grace of Jesus Christ.

Have you experienced the Grace of Jesus Christ?

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Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023

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