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Grace Vs Cancel Culture

February 1, 2021

Grace Vs Cancel Culture

Craig Holme Spiritual Inspiration

The Missing Key in most peoples understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer,

“Give us this Day, our Daily Bread”

is How to Receive our Provision from Heaven.

There are two extremes of Theology Teaching have created fallacies, which totally distort the clear instruction in the Holy Scripture as to the Biblical Plan for Financial Provision and all forms of Daily Bread. These errors open the door for the insidious Ant-Western Cultural indoctrination program prevalent in some Theological Seminaries.

1 – Poverty is Holiness

2 – Prosperity is only for My Benefit.

When we look at what the Scriptures plainly Teach about Provision and Prosperity, it is obvious that you would need a Politically Correct Professor of Theology to confuse you with ‘Cancel Culture’ hysterical nonsense, to not understand the Message of Jesus.

In Luke Ch6V20-21 Jesus said,

“Then he looked up at his Disciples and said,

‘Blessed are you…

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