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Grace Beats Pie in the Sky

February 1, 2021

Grace Beats ‘Pie in the Sky’

Craig Holme Spiritual Inspiration

Unfortunately, many people have been taught to believe in an ‘Escape Clause’, which is a ‘Pie in the Sky’ version of going to Heaven. This idea does not proactively believe that we can access Grace from the Throne of God to influence the nasty here and now. Rather, everything is explained from a dispensationalist point of view, that Grace is available to us when we get to Heaven, but not available to you in your everyday life. As a result, Heaven becomes a promise of deferred hope, rather than a solution for current mundane daily problems.

This erroneous concept then leaves people with a spiritual void that opens the door to the deceptions of the Political Correctness Agenda. Also, because of a lack of understanding of how the Kingdom of God operates, we become susceptible to alternative spiritual delusions that offer magical potions and spells for life’s challenges. Hence the…

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