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Do You Feel Powerless?

January 27, 2021

We quite often feel powerless to change our lives in the face of constant challenges.

Many people simply give up on their dreams, and live lives of quiet desperation. They have lost hope that they have the power to influence the circumstances that are seemingly impossible to overcome.

This is why Jesus told his Disciples to wait for the promise from our Father God of the Holy Spirit.

When we open our hearts to the Holy Spirit and ask for his presence, we are endued with overcoming Power from on High.

The Holy Spirit Empowers you to Overcome all addictions to drugs, porn, Gambling, alcohol and cigarettes, and any other addiction you may be struggling with.

The Holy Spirit is the Life Giver, He will revive your broken dreams and show you how to beat that adversity you are facing.

Notice Jesus did NOT say, “ The Holy Spirit will come upon you and help you to Play Religious Games, criticise other believers faults and weaknesses, and make you into a self righteous bigot.”

If you think you have the correct Holy Spirit doctrine, far superior to all others who are ‘way below your level of intelligence and understanding’, then why can’t you overcome that depression or Gambling addiction you are experiencing ?

The Holy Spirit is a Person, not just a metaphysical theory or a particular doctrine. He wants to have a Personal Relationship with you, where you fellowship and consult the Holy Spirit continuously.

The Holy Spirit will reveal to you the riches of the New Covenant, and enable you to live a Victorious Christian life in every area.

Would you like to experience the Power of the Holy Spirit?

Copyright- All Rights Reserved- Omega Course

Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023 –

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