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Secrets your Therapist doesn’t Want You to Know – Limits

January 12, 2021

Often we are told by Therapists, “Just get over your fears, face them, the fears that you don’t face become your limits”.

The problem with this suggestion is that if it were that easy to overcome our fears, then we would have already done so.

Others suggest to us, “Here take this Magic Pill, then you will have no more problems with fear or depression”

So we try the Magic Elixir, and very disappointingly it doesn’t work for us.

So what is it that your Therapist isn’t telling you?

Some fears are so entrenched in our minds that we cannot break them, no matter how hard we try. Not even the latest hypnosis fad could cure us.

We know that these fears are irrational, we know we shouldn’t be feeling this way, we don’t need to be lectured about it. What we need is a solution to our anxiety that doesn’t involve excessive alcohol consumption.

The solution is a free and easy Gift called Grace. But to receive Grace we have to let go of our Ego’s desire to control everything.

By surrendering to Grace you Overcome your darkest fears, as they suddenly leave you, and you then can feel the clouds lifting off your heart and mind.

Your petty grievances no longer seem like the major drama that you were so upset about.

Who cares what that person said to me?

You realise that you now no longer need those expensive meditation sessions.

Grace has filled your heart with Love and Joy.

Your Fears Limit Your Potential

Grace Gives You Unlimited Capacity for Success,

Regardless of Your Fears.

Copyright- All Rights Reserved – Omega Course

Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023

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