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Secrets your Therapist doesn’t Want You to Know – Yes

January 10, 2021

The Song by Yes – ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’, reveals Secrets that your Therapist does not want you to find out about.

It opens with “Move Yourself, You always live your Life, Never thinking of the future, Prove Yourself, You are the Move you make”

To Move Yourself out of your current situation or state of mind, you have to Stop Playing the Self Pity Card.

It is not up to someone else to Move You out of your current mood, and your Therapist cannot Wave a Magic Wand and do this for you.

The ultimate indulgence of White Privilege is Self Pity. One of the things that I find with New Immigrants is that they don’t have time to feel sorry for themselves, they are too busy building a successful future for themselves and their families.

You are Not a Victim of Society, and you have nobody to Blame but Yourself if you are not realising your Goals and Dreams.

Playing the Victim Card results from indulging in Self Pity.

You can move out of Self Pity very easily by Proving to Yourself that you are Not a Victim.

The Yes Song continues, “Take your Chances, Win or Lose, See Yourself, You are the Steps you take”

Unfortunately some Therapists cannot tell their Clients the truth about the poison of Self Pity, because they fear losing their clients to another Therapist who will fuel their Victim Mentality illusions.

(obviously we are not talking about victims of crime)

If you think that you are so hard done by with your White Privilege Lifestyle, you need to Move Yourself out that mindset very quickly before you Lose the Game of Life.

Copyright- All Rights Reserved- Omega Course

Craig Holme- 2021/2022/2023

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