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Secrets your Therapist doesn’t Want You to Know

January 5, 2021

Some Positivity ‘Experts’ suggest that we should see everything that happens to us as Good, even the Bad Things.

The problem with this attitude is that it creates a passivity towards the Game Of Life. If Bad is Good and Good is Bad, why resist the Bad Things?

This of course is absolutely ridiculous in the extreme. A Positive Attitude will see the Good in the midst of a Bad Situation, discerning the difference between the Good and Bad.

In every Bad circumstance there is always the Seed of Opportunity.

So how do you see the Greater Benefit in the drama or dilemma you are facing?

The Key is to Think outside the Square, and remain open to New Ideas which will create Solutions to your setbacks.

This is a lot easier said than done, and often requires the Services of a Game of Life Coach.

But what you don’t need is a Therapist telling you what you want to hear. Our natural response in times of adversity is to Play the Victim Card, feeling sorry for ourselves, and looking for someone to Play the Sympathy Card.

Some Therapists encourage the Victim Mentality to create a dependence for endless Counselling or other Therapies from the Client.

If you Want to Win the Game of Life it is essential to refuse to Play the Victim. As soon as you take on the mentality of a Victim you will Not be able to see the potential opportunity in your reversal of circumstances.

Copyright- All Rights Reserved – Omega Course

Craig Holme- 2021/2022/2023

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