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Receive Grace by Faith

December 12, 2020

Almost all the Religions of the world talk about WHY you need to earn your Spiritual Bonus Points.

This can be done through Prayer Rituals or Beads, Fasting or Strict Diets, Casting Spells or Enchantments,

Lighting Candles of Incense, Penance before Idols, ad infinitum.

Along comes the Apostle Paul with the Revelation directly from Jesus Christ of Grace.

Traditional Religion based on Point Scoring fights against the unveiling of Grace.

Grace is the great leveller because the worst Sinner can accept Jesus Christ and receive the full Blessing of Grace immediately.

Paul made it abundantly clear that he was Preaching the Gospel of Grace, not the Rules and Regulations Red Tape Gospel, and this is why he was persecuted by the Religious Performance Game Umpires.

You cannot work towards Grace, you receive it by Faith.

Apostle Paul,

“Grace be to You, and Peace from God,

And from our Lord Jesus Christ”.

Would you like to Receive Grace and Peace?

Copyright- Omega Course- All Rights Reserved

Craig Holme – 2020/2021/2022/2023/2024

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