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Grace Revolution

December 12, 2020

You don’t work towards Grace, you Receive it by Faith.

Craig Holme Spiritual Inspiration


The Grace that Paul reveals in the Book of Romans is revolutionary because it makes the rule keeping requirements of all religions redundant. This is also the main reason that Paul’s Revelation of Grace is largely misunderstood today. Grace overthrows the need for religious hierarchies based upon the need to use Meditation Beads, Special Dietary Requirements, Prayer Rituals, Specific Liturgies based on Rule keeping, Offerings to appease the Gods, and other traditions. We are not saying that all religious traditions and hierarchies are bad, that is an extreme position that is not supported by Paul in Romans.


Our traditions need to be based upon the clear teaching of the New Covenant, which can only be understood correctly in the context of the conflict between Grace and Religious Rule keeping and observances, or Grace Vs. Legalism. Some teachers of ‘Grace’ have gone into error by saying that Grace eliminates the need…

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