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Roman Revelations – Self Image

December 5, 2020

It comes as a surprise to many Believers when they discover the importance of Self Image in the Scriptures.

We are Created in the Image of God so how we see ourselves is a major determining factor in whether we will be able to experience God’s Blessings. If you do not see yourself in the Image of God, you are by default seeing another Image which will affect everything you do whether you realise it or not.

Do you see yourself as a Sinner or Saint?

Most Believers will respond to this Question saying that they are ‘just a Corrupt Sinner who has been Saved by Grace’, not realising that this must be our past tense experience, and not our present tense reality. You were a Corrupt Sinner and then you were Saved by Grace, and now Grace has made you the Righteousness of God. The difference between seeing yourself as a Corrupt Sinner versus seeing yourself as the Righteousness of God in Christ is extreme.

One of the main tactics of the Political Correctness Agenda is to create Identity Confusion. Many Believers are falling into this trap who are not clear about their Identity in Christ. You are no longer a Corrupt Sinner by nature, even though we occasionally do make mistakes and sin. When you mess up and fail, you must not Identify yourself with your failure. This is far easier said than done, and without the Grace of Christ is impossible to do. By holding onto the picture of yourself as the Redeemed, the Righteousness of God by the power of the Blood of Jesus, by the Grace of Jesus Christ, you cannot be dragged down by inwardly seeing yourself as defeated.

If you were a Heroin Addict, you must not say as a Believer, “I am a Heroin Addict”, because your Heroin Addiction is in the past, and is not your Identity in Christ. Saying that “I am a Heroin Addict” confuses your New Creation Spirit, who is not addicted to any drugs. If you are tempted to get back into drugs, you can overcome by seeing yourself as Free of all drugs in the now despite your weaknesses, and by declaring out loud Who You are in Christ. Abraham called those things which be not as though they were.

We are not talking about Sinless Perfectionism, but we are talking about the perfection of our Righteous Nature in Christ. We are Spirit, Soul and Body, and it is our flesh that occasionally craves drugs, or alcohol excess, or gambling or porn, not our New creation Spirit.

Romans Ch 3V21 AMP

“But now the Righteousness of God has been CLEARLY REVEALED,

independently and completely apart from the Law,”

So we can deduce from this that previous to the New Covenant the Righteousness of God was not Clearly Revealed. This is why it non-sensical and ridiculous for Bible Teachers to be condemning New Covenant Believers with Old Covenant Scriptures about Righteousness.

Your Self Image is based upon and comes from the Righteousness of God in Christ.

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