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Grace Vs Judgement

November 14, 2020

When I ask those who are no longer attending Church regularly why this is, I hear the same thing over and over again.

These Believers had experienced a failure or mistake in their personal lives, like divorce or bankruptcy, and had been judged harshly by friends in the Church who they thought would have been more understanding.

They now watch Church Ministries online and miss the fellowship of their friends.

The problem is in the way we are Teaching the Message of Righteousness.

I recently heard a Believer say that he “ hates Pride wherever he sees it, especially in leadership”. My immediate reaction was to ask whether the person making this accusation against leaders if they themselves had ever committed the Sin of Pride. I find that those who are pointing the finger at others for certain Sins, are usually struggling with the same Sins themselves.

Paul explains this propensity to accuse others of our own weaknesses, in his Letter to the Romans where he warns against having a judgmental attitude.

When we understand that Righteousness is a Gift of the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we become far less judgmental of others. It is only when we think that we are perfect because of our own adherence to our personal religious rule book, that we inherit a judgmental attitude.

This does not mean that the Grace message creates an excuse for Sin, as we are falsely accused of saying. When you Believe that you are the Righteousness of God by Grace, there is no room for Ego based boasting. You cannot proclaim to others that you are more holy than they are because you have said more Prayers through your Prayer Beads, Lit more candles, confessed your Sinful nature more often, your diet is more technically correct, been more critical of the shortcomings of others, openly accused more Church leaders of moral failures, condemned and hated yourself more often than others, accused everyone else in their Church of the Sin of Pride, if you have a Revelation of Righteousness by Grace.

To those who are saying that Grace gives an excuse for Sin, some people don’t need an excuse for Sin, they need a remedy to overcome it without becoming Self Righteous hypocrites who accuse others of Pride.

Many think that the Gospel of Grace is a watered down message of compromise. This is because some who are Preaching Grace do not understand that the Gift of Grace is Righteousness, not Political Correctness.

You cannot Walk In the Power of Grace and Teach the Political Correctness Agenda. The two are opposing forces, engaged in serious Spiritual Warfare for the future of the Church.

Grace removes Condemnation and Guilt from a Believers life by realising that we are the Righteousness of God by Faith. We must Believe that we are the Righteousness of God to receive the benefit of the Holy Spirit’s Blessing of No Condemnation. If you feel guilty yourself, you are going to see the same Sins you are committing In others. Your role is not to be the Sin Detective, but to freely proclaim Righteousness by Grace as the solution to the your Sin problem and everyone else’s challenges.

This does not mean that the Gospel of Grace adherents will never be tempted to Sin. But you will be able to overcome every temptation through the power of the Holy Spirit, without feeling the constant need to justify why you are condemning others.

If you are saying that ‘you Hate Pride where Ever you see it’ , you are really saying that you Hate the Pride that you see in yourself because you have not been able to Overcome it. The Revelation of Righteousness by Grace completely disempowers ego driven Pride.

Instead, your Holy Spirit inspired attitude should be one of encouragement for Believers to continue in the Faith of Christ Jesus.

Copyright- Craig Holme- Omega Course- 2020/2021/2022 – All Rights Reserved .

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