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Grace Vs Self Righteousness

November 9, 2020

Those who walk in Grace have no need to point the finger of accusation against other Christians for not measuring up.

It is recognised that but for the Grace of God that any Christian could end up making the same mistakes as the accused.

The Self Righteous on the other hand are constantly pointing out the faults and weaknesses of other Christians, especially those in leadership.

This ‘holier than thou’ attitude is prevalent in all denominations and is not just restricted to one branch of the Church. The only exception is the amazing Salvation Army because they are too busy helping those in need to be bothered with religious games.

Abraham believed God and it was counted unto him for Righteousness. Notice Paul does not say that Abraham was religiously perfect, did everything right and never made a mistake, was an example of absolute pristine moral purity, and was beyond reproach, therefore God declared him as Righteous.

In his life Abraham showed several moral failings, yet God judged his heart and not his mistakes. If Christians could only please God by being completely perfect in every respect, there would be very few people pleasing God. So we should be slow to judge others, and quick to forgive.

This is not creating an excuse for those who compromise their integrity by submitting to the Political Correctness Agenda.

Abraham Believed God, and this Faith pleases God and is Counted as Righteousness.

Copyright- Craig Holme- Omega Course- All Rights Reserved – 2020/2021/2022/2023

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