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Grace Vs Entitlement

November 7, 2020

Grace fills your heart with Gratitude for the Love, Faith, Peace and Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Those with a Sense of Entitlement are filled with Anger, Envy and Hatred towards those who are Grateful.

This Sense of Entitlement is the root cause of why so many young people are becoming indoctrinated by Marxist Professors at a University or College in a democratic nation.

Those with an Entitlement Mentality actually Believe the Hollywood movie themes that everything should be given to them for nothing as their right.

When the entitled are faced with the reality of life, the Marxist Professor claims that it is “Societies fault, the systemic exploitation of working people by the evil rich, so you are entitled to violent riots, murder, looting and burning down businesses, because you are victims of the capitalist system.”

There is no way anyone would get seduced by the Marxist delusional fairytale if they were not already suffering from an Entitlement Mentality.

If you believe that it is your Right to have everything given to you for nothing because a Crazy Politician promised Free Everything, you are going to get extremely angry when someone tells you that you have to work for it.

Grace delivers us from Utopian Fantasies by empowering us with Self Confidence that comes from knowing that God will provide our Daily Bread. Grace enables us to not be envious of those who are more successful than we are.

Grace gives us the wisdom to know that we can be successful at anything that we put our minds to, so we don’t need endless handouts and empty promises from Politically Correct Politicians.

Copyright- Craig Holme – Omega Course- All Rights Reserved- 2020/2021/2022

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