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Grace Vs Anxiety

November 7, 2020

Grace fills your heart with Gratitude, Love, Peace and abundant Joy.

Anxiety fills you with a sense of dread and feelings of nervousness because you are told that you cannot Control your disquiet by the PC Agenda. This belief in a lack of a solution to your anxious state leads to even more apprehension. You are constantly reminded that it is in your genetics, that you are naturally predisposed to being a nervous wreck, and there is no way out.

We only have to look at Classic Movies from the 40’s and 50’s to see that our Society never used to believe the ‘No Light at the end of the Tunnel’ nonsense.

You find yourself not being able to sleep properly because of your consternation about the issues of the next day. The only way out seems to be more alcohol and illicit drugs to remedy your trepidation.

At your darkest point the Light of Grace from our Lord Jesus Christ comes to you.

As you yield your heart to the Grace of Jesus you find that perturbation instantly leaves you to your surprise. Grace calms your disquietude with the presence of the Spirit of Life.

To your dismay your ego driven angst tells you that this is too good to be true, but the Love of God quickly extinguishes this dark arrow with more Light.

The more your discomposure unsettles you, the more Grace is available to you. You are astonished that Grace is so freely available to someone who has lived a very flawed life full of mistakes and regrets.

Grace gives you hope for the future which some of your friends and family cannot understand.

Why is she so cheery on Social Media all of a sudden? Where is the usual melancholy and sadness? Why isn’t she blaming society and everyone else today?

Grace is available to you today by simply asking Jesus Christ and yielding to His Spirit of Life. No religious rituals are required for you to qualify, no candles or incense or strict diets or meditation marathons. You don’t have to be perfect to receive Grace. Grace is a Free Gift from our Loving Heavenly Father.

Do you fear being distressed with anxiety, or would you like to experience the Love and Joy that passes all understanding that comes from the Grace of Jesus?

Copyright- Craig Holme- Omega Course- All Rights Reserved – 2020/2021/2022

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