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Grace Vs Karma – Karmic Cycle

October 31, 2020

Karma traps you in an endless Karmic Cycle of Sin and Death,

Where every Mistake is multiplied back to you with added Sorrow.

Karmic Energy must return to you good or bad, and problems subsequently occur when we make mistakes, which we all occasionally do. We cannot change this Cycle of Energy through our own Self-Effort because we are not perfect and we occasionally mess up.

No amount of personal resolutions or promises to do better next time can change this Cycle. But your own Ego will never admit this to you. Your Ego will tell you that you can sort this Karmic Cycle out yourself by doing endless meditation.

The Ego says, “You only meditated for 5 hours, and if you did 6 hours you would not be experiencing this negative energy”.

Your own Ego can never be satisfied because you cannot Beat the Karmic Cycle by yourself. Your Inner Critic will be continually reminding you of your shortfalls, which leads to an ever growing sense of Anxiety.

Until you are willing to overcome the incessant demands of your Ego, you will not submit to the Grace of Jesus. Why? Because someone else has done the work for you of over coming the Karmic Cycle, and your Ego cannot take any credit for it.

All you have to do is have Faith in the finished work of Calvary and Grace gives you the Free Gift of Right Standing with God, and thereby breaks you out of the Karmic Cycle forevermore.

Your Guru cannot break you out of the Karmic Cycle because your Guru isn’t perfect, and only a perfect human being can do so. Most of the Beatles discovered that their Guru wasn’t perfect in the 60’s when he began making advances to some of their female friends.

Your Guru needs the Grace of Jesus just like everyone else because repetitive meditation, prayer beads and lighting incense cannot appease the demands of the Inner Critic.

Copyright Craig Holme – Omega Course – All Rights Reserved – 2020/21/22

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