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Grace Vs Karma – Rise Above

October 27, 2020

The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ solves the the problem of the Law of Karma forever and instantaneously.

By the Power of Grace there is No Need for extended fasting rituals or excessive Prayer Bead recitals. This presents a tremendous threat to spiritual hierarchies whose power revolves around exclusive control of Recipes to Overcome Karma. We are not saying that Fasting is wrong or does not have any place in a health regime. One would only need to look at the vast numbers of overweight Westerners to see the need for Fasting. But Grace annuals the requirement to use Fasting to break out of the Karma Cycle.

Through Grace you are already Free of the Cycle of Bad Karma. You can Rise Above the Law of Karma by Faith in Jesus Christ through Grace. The Religious Ego fights against the Revelation of this Mystery which the Scriptures proclaim has been hidden for Ages.

Even those who proclaim to be Religious can miss the Blessings of Grace completely by focusing on earning the Love of God, instead of Receiving God’s Love through the Grace of Christ by Faith.

And those who proclaim Grace can sometimes not understand the Power of Grace to transcend Karma completely. Grace empowers the Believer, Grace does not create excuses for living under the control of Sin.

Those who speak against Grace Teachers because they think it is being used as a compromise, fail to understand that Paul was a Proclaimer of the Gospel of Grace.

Did Paul use Grace to ‘water down’ his Message? Absolutely not, Paul taught that the Grace of Jesus Christ was the Key to Overcome Anxiety, Depression and all negative emotions.

Grace to you and Peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Notice Paul did not say that Grace would be available to you only after you have engaged in extensive religious rituals, and even then you might miss out because you are not good enough.

Copyright – Craig Holme- All Rights Reserved – 2020/21

This is Part of the Course Series entitled Grace Vs Karma.

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