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Grace Vs Political Correctness – The Promise

October 24, 2020

Many Christians are being deluded by the false Promise of Marxism of a heavenly Utopia on earth. This deception is only possible if Believers fail to understand the Promise that God made to Abraham, with specific to reference to the Apostle Paul’s outline in Romans.

The Communist Manifesto, or more accurately a fiasco, is underpinned by a false hope that this Socialist Dream World can only be achieved by Legislative Coercion backed up by the threat of extreme violence.

We can create an analogy of this by using Paul’s discussion of the Law in Romans’, with the prevailing Political Correctness Agenda. It is difficult for some of our younger generation to realise the effect of the ongoing conflict between Law and Grace in our current society, mainly because the Mosaic Law of the Ten Commandments has been the subject of incessant ridicule by Leftist Professors in the University and College Indoctrination Centres.

However, if we view the Political Correctness Agenda as the form of Fabian style Legalism that is its current Modus Operandi in Western Countries, we can then perceive the incompatibility of Grace and the PC Agenda. It is surprising and alarming the number of Christians who think that they can abide in the Saving Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and compromise by Voting for PC Agenda Politicians who are Pro Late Term Abortions.

The Promise that God gave Abraham is that he would be the heir of this current World, not just inheriting the hereafter and the afterlife Pie in the Sky message, and subsequently ignoring Scriptures about provision for your daily needs and for the Mission Field. It SHOCKS many Believers when then see Paul clearly explaining this in Romans. But it is because many Believers have refused to Believe this Promise of Provision, that they have become so gullible and easily deceived with the Marxist Utopian Political Correctness illusory propaganda.

If you stubbornly refuse to Believe that God can Bless you in this Life with your Provision of Daily Bread, as well as Bless you in Heaven, then Paul goes on to explain in the Scripture that you will be given over to a bitter, wormwood diabolically inspired, delusional Socialist belief system that will bring a Curse into your life.

Abraham received the Promise that he would be the heir of the World, through the Righteousness that comes by Faith through Grace.

Romans 4:13

Copyright- 2020 – Craig Holme – Omega Course. All Rights Reserved.

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