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Grace Vs Political Correctness – Utopia

October 21, 2020

The Political Correctness Agenda uses subterfuge to bewitch people into Believing in a Utopian Fantasy World.

The purpose of this dreamland deceit is to entice people to accept the forfeit of their freedoms to appease the Marxist State. If we can be convinced to Believe that Restrictions on Freedom of Speech will help usher in the New Age of Enlightenment, then we will gladly become members of the Thought Police ourselves.

We will be prepared and convinced to dob in to ‘StateMonitors’ our Family, friends, loved ones, Ministers and Priests, and anyone else who dares to express their opinions.

Grace empowers people to live without being dependent on State Control and Coercion. The Graceful DONT need to be told what they can and cannot say, because they are Holy Spirit Controlled, and are full of joy and peace.

Therefore the Graceful are a major threat to the advancement of the PC Agenda. As a result we are experiencing ‘Show Trials’ in the Circus Media of anyone brave enough to express their opinion, especially high profile Sports people, Celebrities, non- Mainstream Politicians, Ministers and Priests, and especially Medical Scientists.

A favourite of the Circus is to promote Actors and Musicians and other Clowns, who are paid advocates of the PC Agenda.

The Graceful are not easily deceived by the Circus Clown Juggling acts, but even some of the Elect are being drawn into the Spiders Web of intrigue. This is why even the Pope now has unfortunately betrayed 2,000 years of Church Teaching.

The false idea being pushed the Papacy suggests that by compromising with the PC Agenda we can appease those who have succumbed to the trickery of the Utopian ideals. Throughout history whenever the Graceful have tried to accommodate the purveyors of evil, it always ends in disastrous and tragic persecution of the very Ministers and Priests who were silly enough to Believe that compromise will extinguish the Dragons Fire.

However the Graceful will arise Triumphant and overcome the current malaise by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

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