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Grace Vs Political Correctness – Faith

October 19, 2020

The Political Correctness Agenda requires an unquestioning Faith and absolute obedience to the Marxist State. However most PC advocates are completely unaware that they are being indoctrinated into this type of mass psychological subservience.

The adherents of the Political Correctness hysteria that have infiltrated our Universities and Colleges, are not allowed to question the Agenda for fear of reprisals from Marxist Professors. If you dare to stand up and challenge the prevailing belief system of the Stalinist Left, you are branded as Xenophobic, and risk Failure in your grades. This technique of brainwashing is how whole generations of young people have been convinced that burning, Looting and wholesale destruction of businesses and suburbs is necessary to fight the “evil police state”.

By contrast Grace gives Faith , Peace and Joy to Believers. Grace encourages Unity, and Grace empowers you to see through the deception of the PC Agenda to create racial strife and division. The Marxists deliberately inflame racial hatred, not with the intention of improving race relations, but with the opposite goal dividing society along racial lines to foment violence.

Grace fills our heart with love for people of all nations.

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