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New You – Feels Good

July 23, 2020

Encounter Grace Course – Part 13

You would think that fixing your Self Image issues is a very difficult task if you listen to some Gurus today. But Grace provides a remedy that is easy and light.

So why don’t More people enter into Grace? We don’t experience Grace because we have been taught that Religion is essentially about following a Canonical Rule Book. Do this Religious exercise, repeat this mantra, eat only these foods, light this candle or incense, BUT don’t do that.

However, if we go to University we get told IF IT FEELS GOOD DO IT. ‘Don’t be restrained by our oppressive, capitalist, misogynistic, xenophobic society.’ So you try to be Free by rejecting all forms of authority, but in your darkest moments, when you are coming down off the drugs, you see reality in all its harshness. All your friends who are doing the same as you are Severely Depressed, and the only people you know who are genuinely happy without hallucinating on psychedelics are the Christians.

But the Christians that you know aren’t following any Rituals, and wouldn’t know how to recite the Canon, so WHY are they HAPPY? Just thinking about this can have the effect of making you even more angry than you are now, because it just isn’t fair.

You were told by the agnostic Uni Professor that the key to happiness and self fulfilment was to completely separate yourself from the patriarchal System of hierarchy. By doing this, all you’ve been left with is a feeling of fear and loathing.

Yet the Christians worship a paternal God, the Man Jesus Christ, who they claim is the Highest Authority in the Universe. They claim that Jesus Christ is the Only Mediator between God and Mankind. Your life is miserable beyond belief, and you yearn for the Love and Peace that the Christians have.

You can experience the Love of God by receiving the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. By Faith we enter into the wonderful Grace that is given to us freely as a Gift. As soon as you yield your heart and believe that this Grace is available to you, our Lord fills you with an indescribable joy and peace.

You can now accept and love yourself because you have experienced the tangible nature of the Agape, which is our Father Gods Love for you. By Faith we have unconditional access to the wonderful Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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