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New You – Renewed Image

July 19, 2020

As a Born Again Believer our Spirit is made brand new, we are a New Creation. But we still need to Renew our Minds with the Word of God.

Many Believers do not understand that Renewing our Self Image is an essential part of Renewing our Minds. If you still see yourself as a Drug Addict, Gambler, Thief, Liar, Depressed, Nervous, or any other negative trait, then that is what you are going to act out in your life. We need to allow the Word to change our Inner Image to who God created us to be.

To change our Inner Image requires our willingness to submit to the Grace of Jesus Christ. It is sometimes impossible to erase the programming we have been subjected to from childhood. Your family or friends or Teachers, may have called you a loser, a naughty little devil, not talented, dumb, rebellious, spoilt brat, and endless other put downs. These insults can cause us to view ourselves as a “naughty little devil”, and even after we come to Christ these images are planted in our Soul or Mind.

Psychologist offices are full of Christians trying endlessly to resolve these issues with therapy and drugs, only to be disappointed unless the root cause of the problem is dealt with. The Grace of Jesus will fill your Heart with Love and Faith which empowers you to see yourself in a New Light. This enables you to reject any internal images of failure, and to replace them with positive images of the New You in Christ.

If you don’t Proactively change your Self Image with the Word by Grace, you will still be carrying around the old images by default which will subconsciously sabotage your success. To Renew your Mind declare our loud that you are a New Creation in Christ Jesus, You overcome all problems in the Name of Jesus, No setbacks will defeat you, and any past Sins are covered by the Blood Jesus, Your Heavenly Father Loves you and you have the Power of the Holy Spirit to give you Success wherever you go.

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