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The New You – Overcoming Envy

July 18, 2020

How can you not be Envious of other people?

A lot of Believers know that they are New Creations in Christ, but few know how to walk in the Blessings of the New Creation. Some stubbornly hold onto the idea that they are still corrupt and very depraved Sinners by Nature.

When Believers are asked, “Are you a New Creation in Christ?”, the answer is usually very confused, “Well yes, but I’m just a Sinner Saved by Grace, a dirty rotten old Sinner by Nature.” When they are then asked,”So the Sin Nature has more power over you than the New Creation in Christ?”, the answers get even more perplexing, “I’m both a Sinner by Nature and a New Creation at the same time.”

What is not being understood here is that we have been created as a Tri-part being. The Scriptures clearly say that we are Spirit, Soul and Body.

Your Spirit is made completely New when you accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour, and the Holy Spirit confirms this to you. But your Soul, which is your Mind and Emotions, needs to be Renewed with the Word of God. It is absolutely essential to Renew your Mind with the Word, so that what you Believe is in line with your Legal Rights as revealed in the New Covenant. Those who claim that they are Sinners by Nature after they are Born Again do not understand the Price Jesus Christ paid for them at Calvary.

As a New Believer at University studying Politics, Philosophy, Anthropology, and Psychology, it made no sense to me when I heard Christians bragging about their Sin Nature in Bible Studies. I inherently knew that the Price that Jesus paid on the Cross must have dealt with the Sin Nature, because if it didn’t then the whole thing was a religious farce.

Nobody ever had to convince me that the New Creation was a reality because I was experiencing the glorious blessing of my New Spirit in Christ everyday. Even my unbelieving friends knew that something dramatic had changed in my life as I was no longer envious and distrustful, shy and solemn, overly anxious, prone to melancholy, and constantly needing drugs to get high. I immediately changed from needing a daily fix of some kind, mainly because of the depressing content of much of the ‘Politics of Envy’ nonsense that I was studying, to being completely drug free. So I knew those Believers emphasising their Sin Nature’s power over their life, were both misinformed, and missing out on the Grace of the New Creation Blessing.

This is a very serious issue, because what you Believe you attract into your life. To receive the full benefits of the New You in Christ, you must Believe that you are a New Creation. Yes we struggle with the temptation to Sin from the lust of our bodies, but we can and should control this by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Paul clearly explains this in Romans Ch 8 V6 , “The Mind governed by the Flesh is death, but the Mind governed by the Spirit is Life and Peace.” So your Mind or Soul needs to be governed by the Holy Spirit, and not by the lusts of your Body. You would need an agnostic, unbelieving “Professor of Theology” to confuse you over this.

If you Believe in the New You in Christ, you will find that you have no desire to be envious of others. You will be filled with the Grace of Jesus, and will not be deceived by the Politics of Envy, or allow yourself to be dragged down by being jealous of other people’s gifts and blessings. As a New Creation you are Happy and content with yourself, knowing that our Father God loves you and made you the way you are


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