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Law of Attraction Vs Politics of Envy

June 2, 2020

To successfully activate the Law of Attraction we need to release our Faith for the things that we desire. On the other hand, the Politics of Envy requires its adherents to look upon the things of others with avarice and greed, thereby creating an envious response.

Whilst I was at University in my younger days studying Politically Correct Politics and Philosophy, I became an unwitting devotee of the Politics of Envy. Without fully realising why I was thinking this way, I began to despise anyone with wealth or any kind of success. I became aware that I was jealous and envious of nearly everybody, which I gradually came to understand was a product of my PC indoctrination, because I normally was not inclined to be resentful towards others.

When you understand the Law of Attraction you have confidence in Who You are, and because you feel happy with yourself, you don’t need to put someone else down.

Copyright – Craig Holme – 2020/21/22/23

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