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The New You – Attract Success

May 30, 2020

You attract what you focus your attention on.

These type of Spiritual Laws are created by God, and as such cannot be activated in a purely mechanical way. Those who suggest that we can program our mind for Success like a Computer, misunderstand the vital ingredient of Love.

The Apostle Paul in his Letter to the Corinthians, said that those who try to use the Spiritual Laws without Love are like loud Clanging Cymbals. Our relationship with our Creator God is Personal, and through Grace we receive the Love of God.

The Revelation of Gods Love for us is the foundation for our understanding of the great substitutionary work of Jesus Christ at Calvary. Christ became Sin for us so that we might become the Righteousness of God in Him. Our Sinful Nature was exchanged for for His Nature of Love.

You cannot understand this in terms of a computerised, impersonal transaction. You cannot Program your Subconscious with this revealed information, but you must Renew your mind to believe in this Grace, which you have been given by Jesus Christ through Love.

Then you will attract the Success you are looking for. If you believe that you are still a Sinner by Nature, then you will attract the very Sin or Drug Addiction or Gambling habit or Porn obsession, that you are trying to avoid. If you believe that you are a New Creation in Christ Jesus, you will be empowered to overcome all temptation and weakness of your flesh.

Copyright – Craig Holme- 2020/21/22/23

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