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The New You – Being your Best

May 29, 2020

Most people think that being your Best requires harsh self-discipline, exceptional willpower, super strict diets, and a flawless lifestyle that few of us can actually aspire to.

But, what if there was a far easier way to bring out your Best You?

Jesus said , “My burden is easy, my yoke is light”. Notice Jesus didn’t say, “My burden is overwhelmingly difficult, my yoke is so heavy that none of you will be able to bear it.”

God created our Self Image in His own Image. This New Creation You is received and activated by the Grace of Jesus, and not by any form of hard yakka style Spiritual gymnastics.

The New You is a New Creation in Christ Jesus which you have received by the Gift of Grace. You are Healed from all emotional scars caused by every mistake and failure from your past.

Copyright- Craig Holme- 2020/21/22/23

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